SunPulse Water

SunPulse Water and Spring Rebound Inertia Pump - Solar Water Pumping in Cooperation with Nature

The SunPulse Water is a solar water pump with a low-temperature Stirling motor, for decentralized water supply. The SunPulse Water can pump water from depths as deep as 100 m or more. It is especially simple to contruct, and can be manufactured locally.

Towards a new energy paradigm. Despite a dominant world-view of scarcity and competition, the reality remains that we live in an ensouled, living universe of unimaginable potential. When we approach nature in cooperation, she meets us with open arms. It is possible to generate power in cooperation with nature, where the effect of an energy system has a fully positive effect on its surroundings.

Tamera Peace Research Centre has two development models of Sunvention's 'SunPulse Water's solar thermal Stirling engine on site. The SunPulse Water is a low-temperature Stirling engine which is driven directly by the sun. It is simple to construct and maintain as it uses readily available materials and basic construction techniques. It's output power of 300W is ideal for driving water pumps for decentralised water provisioning without any additional infrastructure The vision of this engine is to give the poorest citizens of this world the possibility to build their own decentralised energy systems.


Much of the world's irrigation water is pumped with oversized diesel engines which pollute the surroundings. The concept of the SunPulse Water is to cooperate as far as possible with its surroundings. It works in cooperation with the land, with the farmer (because it is easy to manage), and with the sun. Not only is there no pollution, but it is a step towards a system that causes no harm to any other part.


We wish to disassemble these two engines, modify and rebuild a new version including all the years of development work of Sunvention, the knowledge of Tamera, and that of some very talented and experienced cooperation partners.

The following modifications are planned:


  • Additional mechanical reinforcement where it is needed for reliable long term operation.

  • Some materials replaced.

  • Test the rebuilt engine in continuous operation.

  • Couple to spring rebound inertia pump, developed by Terry Manning. It uses a significantly different physical principle from most water pumps, not so much 'pushing' the water, as 'bouncing' it.

  • Experiments: modification of the air and water flow with the aim of making the quality of the air and water after passing through the engine energetically better than it was before. Stroke and frequency control for better coupling.


Several international experts (Ben Tyers, Felix Hediger, Bernd Johannhörster and Jürgen Kleinwächter) have offered their time and expertise to help.


Tamera will host the 2nd International Water Symposium from 27th to 29th April 2012. Directly afterwards we will host a ten-day think-tank to bring together the knowledge of these people regarding how to move water. Water is one of the most important things we put into our body. Sepp Holzer ( had a vision that provides villages with continuously flowing water. We want to put it into a practical state-of-the-art project concept for a ring water-main incorporating the most advanced ideas possible, including those of Viktor Schauberger and other great thinkers. In this time we will also put together the knowledge needed to then later produce a CAD drawing of the modified SunPulse Water. So that we know next steps needed, what materials need to be tested and what experiments should to be included.


The costs for this first step of the project are clear, and relatively low. The project will then continue. We anticipate future costs of approx. 20kEuros. Will update here when we clearly know the exact figures.


The testcase final application is – if possible – to give a working system to our friend Philip Munyasia in Kenya.
(OTEPIC He will be present at the testfield in Tamera for some of the development time, so it will be a cooperative project.


These engines are developed by our friends at Sunvention. The financial model they choose to make this technology available is one of licensing for local production. Tamera's model is to build a network of cooperation partners in frame of global campus. With those cooperation partners we share the knowledge and in cooperation with Sunvention we find the appropriate solution for the specific situation in which people live.

In the emerging- and developing countries of the Global South, the creation of decentralized water supplies is today’s most urgent task. The SunPulse Water was developed for this purpose. It is especially simple to build, and can therefore be produced locally. Thus it improves the employment situation in rural areas, and ensures that the knowledge and know-how for maintenance and repair are locally available.

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