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What is Poesia Samba Soul & the Favela de Paz project?


Favela da Paz, led by Claudio Miranda, is a project situated in Jardim Ângela, one of the favelas (slums) of São Paulo, Brazil, which the UN declared in the 90's as one of the most brutal neighborhoods of the world. More than twenty years ago Claudio Miranda began to gather friends to make music with tin cans, as real instruments were unavailable at this time. Today they formed the successful band Poesia Samba Soul and a cultural project which offers hundreds of young people the possibility to learn musical instruments and to get to know a life perspective beyond drugs and violence. Poesia Samba Soul has established the only studio in the slums of this city where young bands can record their own music. They educate youth in music, video production and design. They show young people a way to express themselves through arts, music and poetry instead of through violence. 

In the last years the scope of the project has widened, giving birth to the vision of the “Favela Da Paz” (“slum of peace”), which develops answers for the current social situation of the slum. Through urban permaculture and renewable energy solutions, through building community and studying peace knowledge, "Favela da Paz" becomes an education center and a role-model for its surrounding. 

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Favela da Paz - Global Grace Day 2010

Global Campus 2013 in Brazil


During the coming month, our team will support the renovation of the projects’ recently acquired building, where their expanding community and education center will be housed; and support the growth of the projects’ self-sufficiency – developing the existing seed bank, urban permaculture infrastructure, installations to harvest solar energy and projects to generate income.


Members of the ‘Elos Institute’ will partner with us during this time, contributing with bio-construction skills for the buildings’ renovation, building a biodigestor for biogas production, and providing training in the Oasis game – an inspirational and empowering community development approach designed in Brazil, where participants help to unlock the community’s power of dreaming. In a 10 day process, the most collective dream of the community is found and supported in its realization using local talents and resources.


Furthermore, we will organize a community course where the core team of Favela da Paz and approximately 10 members of a Bolivian partner project will take part.


If you want to support this project, you can participate in different ways.




Historic Partnership in close cooperation with Tamera

Members of 'Favela da Paz', São Paulo, Brazil


A friend of the project since 2009, Claudio and other members of Poesia Samba Soul have participated in Global Campus events in Tamera and Colombia, as well as the 2010 Grace Pilgrimage in Bogotá.  Members of Tamera have visited and collaborated with his project in São Paulo. Through his contact to the global community Claudio kept on developing a vision for the “Favela Da Paz” (“slum of peace”). Four companions and Claudio spent 2 months in 2011 during  the Global Campus gathering in Tamera and learned new skills towards ecological, technological and social solutions for the future. They then translated this new knowledge to their urban area in Brazil.



In 2012 and 2013, Claudio and some of the members of Poesia Samba Soul have been regularly visiting Tamera and attending specific educational seminars.


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