Specialist Support

Generally, we’re looking for support for our energy technology, ecology and communications departments. If you’re a passionate professional with the desire to put your skills into service for system change, are interested in community building and ready for a non-conventional working environment, please check our list of vacancies below and reach out. There are possibilities for both on-site and remote collaboration. We don’t offer you a salary, but instead the possibility to be part of creating a new culture and to gain insight into community and the foundational ideas of Tamera.

Who We’re Looking For


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Energy Technology:

– Trained and experienced specialists in water and electrical installation and maintenance for our upcoming Energy Autonomy project. This project will completely rebuild Tamera’s technical infrastructure in the next years, so your contribution can also be oriented towards a specific project or task that can last from a few weeks to a few months (on-site).

– An experienced research machine shop supervisor: In addition to sound experience of machine shop operation, tools and materials, you should have a strong curiosity for the diverse eco high-tech work of our Solar Test Field such as Stirling engines, energy-production greenhouses, thermal storage, photovoltaics, biogas, solar concentrators etc. You should also be capable of accompanying and training young technicians and engineers in the workshop (on-site).

– A caretaker for our Solar Test Field: You should take care of the various installations in and around the Test Field, carrying out small repairs and maintenance self-responsibly and coordinating larger works, installations and upgrades. You will work in close contact with our Solar Kitchen, continuously improving the installations there (on-site).

– Specialists who dedicate themselves to development, system integration, measurement and documentation, for example around our Stirling engines and biogas system (on-site).

What We Offer

Throughout the season, we’ll run a specialists group for those collaborating on-site. In addition to your work in our departments, this will be a regular group for you and fellow specialists to study the intellectual, spiritual and social foundations of our work – and enter into a basic community process together.

Building community is the adventure of our times. When stepping into community, you enter a process of – sometimes stormy – transformation. Old habits and strategies cease to work as they once did. You’ll inevitably meet deeper questions in life – around acceptance, love, sexuality and spirituality – questions we share with all of humanity. At the same time, in a field of growing trust, solidarity and compassion for the world, prospects emerge which wouldn’t be thinkable otherwise.

We ask you to be here for at least one month and to cover a basic fee for board and lodging of 20 euros per night.

How to Get Involved

This year, we don’t have capacity to integrate more professionals in the energy technology, ecology and communications departments. If you want to get in contact for future collaboration opportunities, please reach out to:

  • For Energy Technology: Barbara Kovats at solarvillage (at) tamera.org
  • For the Media department: Janni Hentrich at igp (at) tamera.org
  • For the Ecology department: Lilian von Wussow at ecology (at) tamera.org

If you haven’t yet, please participate in one of our Introduction Weeks as a first step of getting to know Tamera, our vision and work, while we can get to know you. Please let us know which Introduction Week you’ll be joining so we can make sure to meet you while you’re here.

We’re looking forward to working with you!