The Guest Center of Tamera

Welcome to Tamera


We would like to give you a short introduction to Tamera, which will help you to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

The most precious things that you can find here are new ideas and new perspectives. Our goal is the realization of a great plan for the healing of humanity and the earth. We call it "the Healing Biotopes Plan." Continuous, active participation in this plan – we could also say in this future vision – opens new horizons, offers opportunities for greater human strength and compassion, and ultimately heals us all. We invite all of our guests to study this idea. Find your questions! We are looking forward to working alongside all those who wish to cooperate with us. By working together on this global goal, a planetary community is formed, a viable network that encompasses and strengthens all of us.

Our guests are accommodated in the Guest Center of Tamera, which is run by a small team from the Tamera community. We ask our guests not to visit the community itself. We need an undisturbed space for our work and must follow our goals according to an unusual lifestyle, which requires intensive preparation and education. We ask you to enter the coworker’s living and working areas only when invited to do so. We will provide ample opportunities for talks and questions, for mutual understanding and consideration of a possible cooperation.

At Tamera, you will be taking part in a communitarian project. Here, you will find communal meals, communal work and communal dormitories. Our lifestyle is simple - at night, the stars shine in the sky, but there are no street lights. We are working to build regional autonomy by taking responsibility for all areas of our life, including the material supply of water and energy. Our kitchens serve vegan meals mainly from local, organic farms. We share our property with a host of other creatures. They, like us, belong to the great family of life. We ask all our guests to treat these beings with respect and consideration. We have "spiritual contracts" with many of the wild animals you may encounter and we encourage you to ask our guest team for the details of these arrangements.

In Tamera we research and implement new social structures that enable relationships based on solidarity between man and woman. We call it "free love." Free love is not to be confused with indiscriminate and arbitrary relationships, but is a life practice built on trust. This trust allows us to experience a free sensuous existence, which still follows very clear basic rules. These are the ethical rules of a sacred life. For further information, please refer to the text "Free Sexuality and Partnership" on this website or in the books and writings of the project’s founders Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels. (link)

Trust is an attitude for life and a spiritual knowledge. Building trust takes a long time. This is not surprising after the history from which we all come. We would like to ask all of our guests to focus on the basic principles of this new way of life, rather than going too far into practice too quickly. Give your soul time to understand all that is new! Only that which we have truly recognized and understood can never be lost to us.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We look forward to every new force helping to build a humane future! Please give your support to the "The Healing Biotopes Plan."

In the name of the children of this earth,

For a new civilization on this planet,

We wish you an enriching and fulfilling stay,

The team of the Guest Center Tamera

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