Healing Water

The Secret of Water as Basis for a New Earth

Healing the Water Cycles Through the Creation of Water Retention Landscapes
Free Speech from Bernd Walter Müller
(Translated from the German by Miriam Herzog and Jeff Anderson)


“Water, energy and food are freely available for all humankind, when we no longer follow the laws of capital, but rather the logic of nature.”
Dieter Duhm, from the Tamera Manifesto for a New Generation on Planet Earth

 I put this quote at the beginning of my speech because I want to ask you to see this vision of a healed world as often and vividly as you can. We must not get accustomed to a state where something that is actually self-evident appears to us as an unrealistic utopia. A world in which all people have free access to sufficient water, energy and food is completely feasible. More than eighty years ago similar ideas were described by the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, a brilliant water researcher, a pioneer and visionary of the highest level. Even then, he could foresee the global problems that we face today and he showed how they can be solved. One key point in the solution is the right treatment of water. Therefore I would like to address the issue of water in this lecture.

Water is life – and where there is life there is also nutrition and energy.

The years 2010 to 2020 were declared by the United Nations as the “Decade for Deserts and the Fight Against Desertification”. Progressive desertification is currently one of the biggest global problems. More than 40% of the global landmass today is classified as dryland. Also in Europe, for example here on the Iberian peninsula, the desertification process is dramatic. One third of the land area of Spain has already transformed into dryland. But most of these dry areas are located in the even poorer countries of our planet Earth. Billions of people today have no access to good, fresh water. Even though we still try to push it aside, we know that this is partly connected with our lifestyle in the industrialized countries, which daily, hourly, and minute by minute leads to a situation in other regions of the Earth where children fall sick and die because of bad water, where humans fight over the last remaining water and animals die of thirst. Water, which is essentially the source of life, is today the cause of war, power struggles, disease, and an incredible amount of suffering.

Therefore, the Bolivian President, Evo Morales demanded in 2008 in his “Ten Commandments to Save the Planet, Life and Humanity” that we deal with this global water crisis and declare the access to water as a human right. I fully go along with this demand. I am holding this speech so that all people and all animals regain free access to good drinking water. For this, the idea of Water Retention Landscapes and the Terra Nova School has been developed....


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