Blueprint 200 Partners

We’re cooperating with the Blueprint Alliance to manifest one of its core projects – Blueprint 200. Members and collaborators are experienced in the design and construction of regenerative infrastructure or emergency settlements, working at sites all over the world, including in Pakistan, Greece, Nepal and South Sudan. Together we work to co-create the vision, combine our knowledge into manifesting common pilot models and disseminate the solutions.

The Blueprint Alliance includes many friends and colleagues of the late Paulo Mellett an environmental activist and permaculture advocate. The group formed to integrate their various fields of knowledge into a holistic, widely adaptable framework of principles for the design of regenerative settlements. Regeneration acknowledges that human culture can actively benefit the health of the natural ecosystem, using disruption and change as tools for creative evolution.

The members are committed individuals dedicated to the long-term development of the project, who intend to co-create and disseminate this shared vision. Working with the members on manifesting the vision are collaborators who share their skills and time on focused projects. The alliance and collaborators make up the Blueprint Network.


  • Barbara Kovats – accompanies the Solar Test Field
  • Bee Rowan – straw bale building, co-founder of Strawbuild
  • Bernd W Mueller – ecosystem restoration expert and director of the Global Ecology Institute
  • Carolyn Gomez – environmental and community engagement project manager
  • Chris Evans – permaculture designer and co-founder of the Jajarkot Permaculture Project
  • Christoph Ulbig – builder and carpenter, ecological teacher and consultant
  • Dror Zohar entrepreneur, teacher and facilitator, founder of the Israeli CI Festival and of Cacao Tivy health food company
  • Ethan Hirsch-Tauber – sustainability educator, ecovillage networker and current coordinator of creating the Living Manual
  • Jay Abrahams – founder of Biologic Design, creating integrated, multi-species constructed wetlands for sustainable wastewater purification, biodiversity enhancement and resource production
  • Juergen Kleinwaechter – physicist and solar inventor
  • Magnus Wolfe Murray – founder of Resilient Community Design (RECODE)
  • Marcus Dittrich – ecologist and coordinator of the Tamera Ecology garden team
  • Michael Howlett – straw bale builder, co-founder of Strawbuild
  • Dominik Jais– professional web designer
  • Peter Mellet – curriculum developer for MSc distance learning programs in Construction Management, Electrical Power Systems and Environmental Management
  • Petra Schneider – founder of IDEP (Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture)/ Founder of PT Alam Santi
  • Ruth Andrade – founder of Blueprint Network. Eight years of experience in environmental project management and development in the business sector and two decades of experience in education
  • Thomas T.H. Culhane – founder of Solar C.³I.T.I.E.S. / Urban Planner / Emerging Explorer


  • Julia Wright – applied research and development in sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Mena Vieira – developing education for sustainability and autonomy
  • Sarah Queblatin – integral sustainable development practitioner
  • Simon Constantine – founder of SLush Fund for LUSH Cosmetics.