Frequently Asked Questions

How can I visit Tamera?

There are 3 ways: for a day visit on Saturdays, for short courses and/or for work study in our gardens or kitchen.

For your first visit, we recommend you to come for an Introduction Week, so you can get an overview of what Tamera is about and how the community works. After that, you can delve deeper, studying and supporting for longer periods in our gardens, our kitchen or with other specialist work. If you have the wish to study still deeper, and continue the path of education, you are welcome to apply for a 3 month seminar and participate in the Healing Biotope’s Student Program Cycle 1.

Please find all the information about Open Saturdays, courses and work study offers on our event calendar.

Can I visit outside of a program or course?

The general answer is: No. We don’t want to seem rigid, but we ask that everyone visiting Tamera joins a course or work study program. In order for your visit to be a sensible and fulfilling experience, you will need to be part of a group, as Tamera is a large-scale and complex project. For this, we try to offer different options throughout the year to enable many people to come and see our place. As we’re running a full-time education center, we don’t have the capacity to host people outside of the programs. We thank for your understanding.

If you have a special request for networking with Tamera, or if you want to come with a larger group (from a university, another community, etc.) and can’t come within our running program, please send an inquiry to our Guest Office and they will see if we can offer you a possibility to visit.

Can I join and live in Tamera?

Tamera is primarily a research and education center for a generative, nonviolent culture and not a residential community for people to settle. As global and interpersonal crises culminate, we understand many people are longing to step out of the systems of violence and are looking for functioning alternatives. We can’t offer fast individual fulfillment for this wish. Yet we welcome the collaboration with all those committed to help developing the foundations for a new global culture. Our education and outreach programs are designed to empower and support those committed to the Healing Biotopes Plan. One can only become a co-worker in Tamera after having run through our student’s program. On the basis of this education, you and the community can meaningfully decide whether your place for building a new culture is in Tamera or on another project.

Can I volunteer / offer my work?

We are very thankful to everyone who wants to support Tamera. However, we don’t offer conventional volunteering or work exchange programs. Given that we are an educational center, it’s important that visitors get to know our vision and work in all different aspects. That’s why we have created work study programs in the gardens and in the kitchen, where people are welcome to help, thereby gaining insights into our basic thoughts while being part of a group.

We are also looking for people with specific skills in the areas of energy technology and ecology. You can find more information about the format, requirements and skills needed here.

Can I organize or host a seminar/workshop in Tamera?

We generally don’t host events by external teachers. We are not a seminar center, which hosts different events. The seminars we offer are placed within the context and vision of Tamera and are held by long-term community members.

Can I come to visit to conduct interviews or make a film about Tamera?

Yes. But we want to make sure that you know Tamera before filming it, and so we ask that you first visit and try to understand our work as deeply as possible. If you have the idea or request of producing a film about Tamera or one of its research areas, please contact us and we will see how we can collaborate. However, as we receive many requests, we can’t collaborate on every project. In general we don’t offer price reductions or free participation for filmmakers or other journalists, but ask that you be a normal participant in one of our introduction weeks.

If you wish to promote Tamera, we offer professional short clips that you are very welcome to share with your network.

If you are a professional media / TV representative, please contact us at media-relations [at] and our media team will get back to you.

What to bring for my stay?

Here you can find information about what to bring to Tamera and how to get here.

Can I come with my children?

Here is more information about coming to Tamera with children.