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Tamera is a Holistic Peace Research Center.

We work on the foundations of a peaceful society based on trust, truth and compassion. To this end, we conduct ecological, technological and especially social research to create models for the future. The healing of love, which means freeing sexuality and intimacy from fear, violence, and lies is essential to our global peace work, and requires new social structures of truth and profound trust among people. First and foremost, Tamera is a place to study and learn about prospects for a new planetary culture, not to find fast fulfillment and individual healing. We're working on changing cultural habits that have led to war and violence all over the world and invite all those wanting to collaborate on comprehensive system change. 


To know more about our work, we recommend reading the books of Tamera´s founders, Sabine Lichtenfels and Dieter Duhm, for example his book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.


We're hosting 'Defend the Sacred: International Gathering on Sacred Activism'. If you're unable to attend, we're livestreaming key parts for free, so make sure you sign up for the latest updates to find out when on www.tamera.org/defend-the-sacred