Building Community – the 96: Year-long course

Join us for a German-speaking year-long community and healing experience to raise a network that works on and lives community values. 


We invite 96 people to participate in a one-year-long community and healing experiment.

This group experience is intended to foster the formation of a cross-regional community in which basic ethical values such as mutual support, solidarity, co-operation with all beings, hospitality, truth between people, and commitment to a future without war and violence come to life.

The group is called “The 96” because we wish to include 96 people, corresponding to the 96 stones in the stone circle of Tamera. Each stone in the stone circle stands for a certain aspect of a peace community. It was modelled on the prehistoric stone circle of Almendres near the Portuguese city of Évora.

Collectively, the stones embody ancient peace knowledge that is said to have existed on earth for many millennia before the advent of patriarchy. By working with the stone circle, we activate the memory of this ancient non-violent culture.

All participants will receive the book “The Stone Circle” by Sabine Lichtenfels and an accompanying card set as a gift!

The stone circle makes the prehistoric vision visible. It will inspire us to ask ourselves how we can rebuild a culture of peace based on our current knowledge. We want to activate a knowing within us that reminds us of how this earth wants to be inhabited.

“Only tribes will survive.”
— Vine Deloria Jr, peace activist and author, USA

We humans will survive if we learn to live together again, to co-operate, to share, to listen to each other, to share in the fate of others, to drop our masks and reveal to each other what we deeply desire and love. The conflict zone of our time is the relationship between people. This is where we need to find a solution so that people and nature can come to rest and heal.

If this succeeds, something great will have been achieved, because peace is at home in the heart of every human being.

The year-long group is an online course with 3 in-person seminars, two of which are in Germany and one in Tamera.

Who is the course for?

  • People who live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and/or speak German
  • People who are moved by the situation on our planet and who are looking for new ways forward
  • People who want to found a community
  • Researchers on the topic of community
  • Knowledge carriers in the field of healing and community building
  • Peace workers
  • Multipliers and anyone interested in cooperation

What you’ll learn

  • What is a Healing Biotope?
  • The “Healing Biotopes Plan”, a plan for global peace
  • The ethics of communities of the future
  • Truth and trust as foundations of a new culture
  • The logic of the sacred matrix as a unifying force
  • What we understand by “prehistoric peace knowledge”
  • Connecting dream, intuition and intellectual thinking
  • Reconciliation between masculine and feminine forces
  • The connection between inner and outer autonomy

We can realise our dreams and visions of the future if we learn to reconnect our intellectual power with our heart power.

Each participant is ritually connected to one of the 96 aspects and gets to know it increasingly deeply as a spiritual friend and companion throughout the year.

There will be four subgroups each with 24 participants. Each of these subgroups is accompanied throughout the year by two experienced female elders from Tamera. Wherever necessary, the process will also be accompanied by men from Tamera.

Through human and spiritual continuity, we work together on a network of the heart.

Course content

  • 18th March 2024, 19.30h CET: Welcome webinar
  • 20th March: Equinox, participation in the meditation: What is our contribution to ending violence on Earth? 
  • 3 online feeds per month – texts, audio and video recordings for individual study and as a basis for dialogue in the subgroups
  • One online dialogue per month in interactive subgroups
  • Connection with one of the 96 archetypes of the stone circle

We estimate a monthly time commitment of approx. 8-10 hours.

There will also be 3 in-person seminars (One in Tamera and two in Germany)

21st-24th March 2024 in Germany

  • Getting to know each other, introduction to the contents of the year-long group, ritual to connect with an aspect of the stone circle as well as forming the subgroups.
  • Leaders: Monika Alleweldt, Barbara Kovats, Phoebe Regelmann
  • Arrival 21st March 3pm, with a 5pm start. Departure 24th March after lunch.

July 2024: 30th of June – 6th of July 2024 Seminar in Tamera

  • The seminar gives an introduction to the basic ideas of Tamera: Community building, co-operation with all life, school of thinking, love school, global network building.
  • One focus of the seminar is the work on prehistoric peace knowledge. Accompanied by Sabine Lichtenfels, the participants will learn about the stone circle as a source of peace work.
  • Leadership: Team of the year-long group, accompanied by Sabine Lichtenfels for the introduction to the stone circle.
  • Costs: Sliding scale from €30 to €50 daily rate for accommodation and catering, no seminar fee.
  • Accommodation: Dormitory, own tent, or rooms at extra charge.

February 2025:

  • 3-day meeting in Germany at the end of the year-long experiment (Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon).
  • Location and schedule to be announced.


Ten experienced women from Tamera will accompany the group throughout the year:

  • Heike Kessler (“Terra Deva”) and Dörthe Goschin (“MarIsis” and “Political Ashram”)
  • Barbara Kovats (Technology and Animals) and Phoebe Regelmann (“Love School”)
  • Madjana Geusen (art) and Sarah Vollmer (guests)
  • Janka Striffler (community) and Gabriele Brüggemann (children)

Monika Alleweldt (publisher, networking, “Political Ashram”) and Janni Hentrich (community, political networking) are responsible for overall coordination.

The patron is Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and initiator of the stone circle.



Research area: Community building

Type of learning: Learn skills

Location: Online, in Germany and in Tamera

Language: German


Sliding scale from €1300€ to €1500.

Price does not include board and lodging for any of the 3 in-person seminars.

Why are we using a sliding scale?