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“Verlag Meiga” is an independent publishing house based in Germany and in Tamera, printing and distributing books and texts in various languages internationally. Its mission is to promote the basic thoughts of the Healing Biotopes Plan, and insights from our decades-long research, to people around the world interested in a new peaceful culture – a future without war. Currently, the publishing house mainly focuses on the works of our founders Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels.


We’ve gathered a vast amount of knowledge from our research in Tamera over the past 40 years. Verlag Meiga publishes those insights in the areas of community building, love, and cooperation with nature, spirituality, art and peace activism as well as presenting a global vision of a nonviolent Earth and theory of global healing.

Through the publishing house we can promote the Healing Biotopes Plan and transform the world through new information. This approach unites realms of life like society and creation, Eros and religion, thinking and sexuality, intellectualism and intuition, tribal community wisdom and futuristic vision – areas of human existence that have been long separated.

Dr. Dieter Duhm

Dieter Duhm writes about a diverse range of knowledge in the realms of Eros and healing, global theory and realistic utopia. His Political Theory shows why and how a process of global healing can occur within a short time, initiated by relatively few groups on Earth.

Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine’s books complement and mirror this vision of global healing from a profoundly feminine source. Developing a new theology, she reconciles the wild erotic powers with the sacred and writes from her research about the healing of love and the “prehistoric utopia” of ancient peace cultures as well as her radical spiritual activism in crisis areas.

Other Authors

Other authors in Verlag Meiga include Leila Dregger, Beate Möller, Madjana Geusen and Martin Winiecki. Future plans see Verlag Meiga publishing works by many different authors from within the Healing Biotopes research stations, both from Tamera and around the world.


Monika Alleweldt is the publisher and legal owner of Verlag Meiga. She and her team work closely with the Institute for Global Peacework.

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