Global Campus
A Declaration of the Basic Thoughts and Goals

What is the Global Campus?

The Global Campus is a worldwide education platform for a future without war and for the development of appropriate models. The base camp for the Global Campus is Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal. Various projects and people who have decided to collaborate on a global level are involved. They see the need for global peace models and are committed to realizing them. The development of peace models under various regional conditions is taught and researched. Participants of the Global Campus affirm the basic ideas and goals that are described in the following sections.

The Global Campus is developing a network of autonomous centers that follow a common ethical, social and environmental code. At the core of the global healing work is a new alliance of humans with all co-creatures. For peace to be achieved on the outside, it is crucial that it arises on the inside amongst human beings. The project orientates itself both in theory and practice along the following guidelines. We work for:

  • Realignment of the human world with the higher world order of life and creation.
  • Nonviolent cooperation with all co-creatures. No violence against animals, not even against rats and snakes.
  • Healing of water through the development of “Water Retention Landscapes.”
  • Development of permaculture and self-sufficient food supply.
  • Withdrawal from the oil industry. Development of autonomous energy systems.
  • Establishing decentralized subsistence economies.
  • Establishing functioning communities.
  • Following ethics of truth, mutual support and responsible participation.
  • Ending the war between the genders and all sexual humiliation.
  • Truth in love. No deceit in partnerships.
  • No revenge. Grace instead of retribution.

These are guidelines for the coming world society with its new universities and new ways of living. With them a new planetary order will come into existence in which all creatures of our planet will be connected with each other, because this order is in accordance with the world order, which we call the “sacred matrix.”

During their international pilgrimages between 2004 and 2008, Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn developed the idea of a world university in the form of the Global Campus. The guiding idea was Grace – to change the pattern of anger and hatred into a pattern of human compassion and solidarity. The pilgrimages took place in Israel-Palestine, Colombia and Portugal. Sabine Lichtenfels writes,

“I was guided by the question of how a future without war can be achieved. I described the ethics and philosophy of the Global Campus in my book Grace: Pilgrimage for a Future Without War. While the students learn to travel in the name of Grace and to see and understand the basic conflicts in different areas of the Earth, they learn global compassionate thinking. They also recognize that a conflict which has become global can only be brought to a solution on a holistic level. In Tamera Healing Biotope 1 in Portugal, a research center arose for international peace forces. Here ecological, social, technological and human knowledge is collected for the realization of real-life peace models. Tamera is in cooperation with peace communities and committed peaceworkers all over the world. A curriculum has been developed through which the students can study the basics of a new culture. Tamera is a kind of base station for the Global Campus.”

Since then, groups and projects which orient themselves on the fundamental thoughts of the Global Campus have been established in many countries. From centers in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Palestine to some groups of the Anastasia movement in Russia to new centers in Portugal and Switzerland, a global network for a free Earth is forming. May a globalization of peace, stronger than all violence, emerge from the mental-spiritual coherence of these forces. Sabine Lichtenfels writes,

“I am thankful for all forces which helped or will help to build the network. May the cosmic family grow on Earth, may we recognize each other and endow each other with power and hope, even in turbulent times. May we always remember that mighty powers of healing are on our side when we open up for them. There is something in all of us which wants to remind us of our very own intact form, as individuals and as humanity. It is the inner God Point (Omega) in all of us, the inner treasure, which now wants to be revealed in ourselves in a great shared planetary action.”

What’s the Meaning of Such a Project?

We have shed light onto the unspeakable fate of individual humans and animals in the globalized world. Whoever has really borne witness here can never return to daily routine. The founders of the project were acting out of compassion. The immediate compassion, which we often observe in children and which we all once had, should never become lost, but instead should continuously grow until we have found a solution for how to end the suffering. 34 years ago (in May 1978) the “Bauhuette” project was officially founded in Germany, which eventually gave birth to the Tamera project and the plan of the Global Campus. The extent of the global violence demands methods of peacework which extend far beyond all the usual slogans. To this day, the co-workers of this project have needed to have a great personal commitment. Why this radical way?

To get straight to the point: as long as there is one single child starving, one single animal tortured, one girl suffering genital mutilation, one woman raped, one person of another faith mistreated, one young human being forced to go to war, then our world is in disorder. It is our task to free the world from this atrocious pain. We could always say this is an illusion. But as soon as our eyes start to open, as soon as we see the suffering of the victims, as soon as we ourselves are one of these tortured beings, there is only one single cry – the cry for relief.

We are currently experiencing a historical situation: the collapse of the old systems. Human evolution has reached a global dead-end. The fundamental values of community, truth and solidarity have been lost through thousands of years of war and, nowadays, capitalist globalization. The consequences of this maldevelopment are so cruel for the victims on every continent that we have had to close our eyes. The Earth’s population lives under a hypnosis of fear and violence.

We can overcome this crisis by giving the coming development a new direction. It is no longer about fighting the existing systems, which will break down by themselves. It is much more about knowing the new directions and creating planetary base stations for them. The Mayan date of December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new era. Millions of young people all over the world who rise up against the old structures need a new answer and a new perspective. Nobody has to starve on our Earth, if we use its richness wisely. Food, water and energy are freely available for all of humanity if we develop appropriate structures – these are structures which are no longer oriented toward power and profit, but toward the common life interest of all inhabitants of Earth, including all animals. We cannot wait until governments make the decisions – we ourselves have to make them. The co-workers of the Global Campus are developing new concepts of living together with animals and plants, embedded in nature. They are establishing new projects for the healing of water, for corresponding food biotopes and new models for decentralized energy supply. Above all they work on new forms of social life including the most intimate realms of sex, love, partnership and community. The Earth needs humans who do not only say what they need, but who do it.

Vera Kleinhammes, the current coordinator of the Global Campus in Tamera writes:

“If young people worldwide can learn to build communities, solve conflicts, practice successful nonviolent resistance, if they get reliable knowledge about love, sexuality and partnership, as well as about the most important issues of ecological sustainability and new energy technologies, food production, healing, network-building and peace journalism, then the necessary globalization of peace will take place. Then we as human beings will be capable of directing the current global transformation in a positive direction.“


A central task of our new time is the construction of functioning human communities. The general crisis area of our time is in the relationships among humans. Here lie the central switches for war and destruction – or for healing. One of the most important sources for the production of negative or positive energy and information fields is how people treat each other. Especially here, in the realm of underground fears and conflicts, a new course has to be set, the latent wars ended and the psychological minefields defused. The core issues lie in the areas of sex, love, partnership and community. The many new groups and projects which are currently searching for a new perspective in life will only find calmness if they have found a new orientation in this central area of our human existence. The most intimate questions of life are no longer private problems, but collective issues of humanity.

The communities which together form the Global Campus follow certain ethical guidelines for their community life: truth in communication – even in love, mutual support, responsible participation, no abuse of power, readiness for self change, understanding instead of judging, grace instead of revenge, solidarity with all beings of nature, no violence against animals. It is only possible to really obey these basic rules if all participants are ready for a very intensive change in their private life habits, because we have all learned to lie and to trick in order to make ends meet in our societies. But now communities have to be established where lies and deceit have no evolutionary advantage. We need new social, sexual, economic and mental-spiritual structures where real trust can emerge: trust between humans and trust in all fellow creatures.

Here the words of Lynn Margulis are appropriate, “If we are to survive the ecological and social crisis we have caused, we may be forced into dramatically new kinds of cooperative ventures.”

The coming communities are no longer based on collective ideologies, but on individual insight and decision. One should not carry belief sentences on one’s flag, but work through thoughts and understand them. Participation in these new communities is not a process of outer conformity, but a process of individuation. Individual autonomy embedded in a positive community does not lead to anarchy but to participation. A new culture of love, free sexuality and lasting partnership is the result of following the basic ethical rules, as soon as they are adopted in one’s core. In a new community, new forms of nonviolent cohabitation will develop between human beings and nature and all fellow creatures. All beings – humans, animals, plants and spiritual beings – are part of the community. All partake in the healing fields of energy, which are developed in the community. From here, new centers for a future without war will develop – we call them “Healing Biotopes.”

Healing of Water

“Whoever possesses the secret of water, possesses power.”
Viktor Schauberger

The new global society needs a new means of water management. Water is the essence of nature just as love is the essence of the human being. Both areas have been distorted by false information fields. Healing the trauma of water and healing the trauma in love are two basic paths toward a new healed Earth. If we succeed in ending the water catastrophe, the catastrophe of hunger will also come to an end because natural water management is the basis of food supply worldwide. A huge part of the Earth’s population lives in indescribable poverty. The misery of hunger is not caused by nature, but is man-made – the result of exploitative land management and catastrophic water management in the name of economic interests. These are system errors, which can be overcome by an all-encompassing system change. This is the reason for our work: to create models for this global system change.

In order to heal the water cycle on a global scale we need so-called Water Retention Landscapes. These are areas which are designed according to principles of landscape healing and which are able to retain all rainwater. The rainwater slowly seeps into the body of the Earth, fills up the aquifer and reappears clean in springs. In this way, it does not return to the rivers and the global circulation as dirty water carrying the products of erosion, but as fresh spring water. Communities now have clean and energy-rich drinking water. A new form of permaculture will develop around the shores of these water landscapes where a multitude of natural food is grown, such as fruit trees, raspberries, radishes and other regional specialties: a rich biotope which does not need irrigation. A miraculous change in nature, with a lush and growing animal and plant world, grows in front of our eyes. One starts to learn and understand again what beauty and life powers nature brings forth as soon as we give her our support.

Many ecological and social movements of our time, such as the Anastasia movement in Russia, could cooperate in the healing of the Earth if they developed two things: a social concept for Eros and community, and an ecological concept based on Water Retention Landscapes and/or landscape healing. This new method of water management especially serves the healing of the landscape and the healing of the water cycle in order to enable a reinhabitation of the land. Rural depopulation in the industrial age left vast areas of land uncultivated and led to disastrous population explosions in the cities. This fatal process must be reversed if humanity wants to survive. Many people have to return to the land because if we know how to farm it in an intelligent way, everything needed for a good life is provided.

Decentralized rainwater retention could be a key for the global redesign of the Earth. Once word has got around, thousands of new groups will move to the countryside in order to build their subsistence economies there. Organic recultivation of dry regions (such as the Negev desert in Israel-Palestine, Portugal, etc.) can now be accomplished with much improved efficiency and with far less technical effort. This will lead to a spectacular revegetation of abandoned and desertified areas of the Earth, because nature will support these healing processes with all its power. Water and food is then really available for all human beings. Poor countries could develop self-sufficient food systems which would free them from the despotism of global markets. All those groups which no longer find any perspective in today’s city life could actively take part in this process. Soon an interesting regional model could develop in Southern Portugal. If something like this is really created, the political and economic power structures change on the spot, because the new model demonstrates how easy it is to get out of the grip of the old systems and EU regulations. In order to realize such comprehensive changes in a healing way, they must be connected with the social and ethical conditions that have been described in this manifesto.

Healing of Love

There cannot be peace on Earth as long as there is war in love.

Love follows similar laws to water. Happiness will develop wherever these laws are followed. Wherever they are broken, violence arises. Global violence is the result of the fact that for thousands of years the laws of love could not be followed. Present day humanity comes from a several-thousand-year-old history of war, which has left a collective trauma in us all. In this nothing was more terribly hurt than love.

Love, sensual and soul love, is the most important global issue. Sexuality is a world power. The cultural era of our times has failed due to destroyed love and sexual torment. Almost everywhere where there was once love, hatred and violence have developed. The protesters and the policemen who are facing each other worldwide could be friends. The inhabitants of the Colombian peace village San José de Apartadó and their enemies in the paramilitary forces could be friends. Palestinians and Israelis, successors of Ishmael and Israel, could be friends if their loving nature had not been destroyed by insane religious and political education measures. The male aspect of humanity has gone against the commandments of love and sexuality with the commandments of church, state and economy. Where the commandments of love are injured by betrayal and violence, fear of separation develops, along with mistrust, jealousy and hatred. One cannot love any more. One closes the heart once and for all – one starts to hate what one once loved. One fights against a world which one could also embrace. All those who no longer know the power of love choose the power of destruction. This is how the tsunamis of violence develop that have plagued the Earth for thousands of years. To a great extent the existing civilization is based on anger and disappointed love. This is not an excessive simplification but the tragic foundation of an era which went wrong.

The new power fields for a healed Earth are the result of a rediscovered joy by people who have found a new form of love and solidarity and whose children have regained a stable home for their souls. Peacework in the outer world can only be successful in the long run if it is connected with peacework in the inner world.

So let’s try to develop new life models which are based on joy and fulfilled love – models where Eros is indeed connected to love, because no more lies and no more meanness can sneak in any more. In Eros lies a key to hell or a key to heaven. We should no longer gamble with this gift given to us by creation. The Global Campus will build retention spaces for water – and retention spaces for love.

Humane Sexual Culture

A cooperation with natural spirits which is free of fear is free of violence. A cooperation with natural spirits which is free of violence is free of fear. To establish a nonviolent relationship to nature we must also step into a healthy relationship with our own nature. This is especially true for the issue of sexuality. With all the perspectives we have gained over the inner drives of our earthly existence, we can clearly formulate the following: the historical fight of man against the woman was a fight against his own sexual nature. A new humane culture derives from a new relation between the genders and a new ethically and socially responsible use of our sexual powers. A human being who is sexually liberated, capable of love and conscious does not kill life. As soon as the historical trauma of sexual oppression and of the oppression of women is resolved, the causes for the unspeakable suffering of peoples, children and all co-creatures will also be resolved.

As long as we have to hide and distort our elementary power, such as we do with sexual desire, we cause energetic disturbances in the system of life. It does not serve healing to suppress the sexual attraction between the genders and to repress our own sexuality. It does not serve healing if we maintain secret relationships and deny them in front of our partners. Nor does it serve healing to follow indiscriminate polygamy in the name of a misunderstood “free sexuality”. The world needs a new, humane sexual culture which is based on truth and trust and which enables all participants to again encounter each other in full joy. The world needs an erotic life which is strongly connected to the spirit of the sacred matrix and therefore liberates all participants from the chronic fear of loss. A humane sexual culture is based on free sexuality that is not an ideological decision between monogamy and polygamy, but the liberation of sexuality from hypocrisy and meanness. Free sexuality and partnership never exclude each other. Here we are facing the historical situation of the development of a truly new concept of love. The coming planetary society will develop an erotic culture where the sexual attention of one person to another no longer provokes any fear, jealousy or hatred in a third person. Tamera has partly succeeded already in making such a possibility of life visible.

The Sacred Alliance of Life and Cooperation With All Beings of Nature

Healing information fields will develop from a new cooperation with all beings of nature – the material and also non-material beings. In addition to conventional methods, a loving cooperation can also be fostered by more intensive measures, such as the establishment of an animal sanctuary, a specific peace garden (Eike Braunroth), the setting of stones, landscape temples, spiritual power places and technological devices for the reinforcement and dissemination of new fields. The resonance with the thoughts and actions of the human being is always important here. The thoughts which take effect here are those which Sabine Lichtenfels repeatedly presents in her teachings on the “Prehistoric Utopia” – the inner relationship between all living organisms, the healing significance of snakes, toads, owls and many other animals, the living symbols of the spiritual and cosmic energy system. All of these are part of the great cosmic orchestra. All of them enthusiastically take part in the process of global healing.

Many of Tamera’s co-workers came from helping professions. But in a system where the most cruel actions take place a million times every day, helping in a single situation is like a drop in the ocean. In Tamera, for example, we had a problem with dogs which were injured and abused and came to us searching for protection. We helped as much as we could, but the animal suffering which became visible was too much. Neither was it enough to ask local authorities nor animal welfare organizations for their support. We need a higher level of help for all living beings, for humans as well as for animals. This will be achieved when we develop a new model for living that has a global effect, in which cruelty against co-creatures no longer exists because new information lines for a nonviolent life have been manifested. This is the underlying thought.

Arteries of water run through the earth. Can we cooperate with water? Can we make it an ally for global peacework? The world’s oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface. They hold an inexhaustible world of wildlife. Can we cooperate with the inhabitants of the oceans? Can we make them into allies for global peacework?

The material world, including our atmosphere with its weather cycles, is filled with streaming vital life energies. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them allies for global peacework?

The plants and trees of the Earth are beings with souls. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them allies for global peacework? The so-called vermin in our gardens are part of the one big family of life. Can we cooperate with snails, voles, aphids etc.? Can we make them allies for global peacework? (We refer to the amazing experiences in the peace gardens of Eike Braunroth.)

Snakes and rats also belong to the sacred matrix. For thousands of years they were frightening spirits to the human being. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them allies for global peacework? From our years of experience in Tamera we can answer this question with a definite “YES.

This is what we mean when we use the term “cooperation with nature.” It is about winning the whole of nature as an ally for global healing. It may sound like science fiction, but it is more than this, because it is part of the blueprint of creation. All beings on Earth are organs of the one body and minds of the one spirit.

The Theoretical Matrix of the Project

The Global Campus is a sign of a planetary system change from the matrix of violence to the matrix of the global alliance with all beings. In order to free the Earth from violence and war we need to turn on a global switch. It is this switch which will decide whether holograms of fear and violence or holograms of trust and cooperation will be downloaded from the cosmic database. The cosmic database contains both possibilities, as it is in the genetic material of the human being. From this cosmic database we can activate the old information from the millennia of war or the new information for a healthy Earth. This is what we do with every thought and every action of our daily life. Human behavior is steered – as is very likely the behavior of everything in the universe – by invisible fields of energy and information. If we succeed in changing the information patterns in the core areas of our existence then we send new information into the biological internet, which will bring about fundamental changes in life on the whole planet. In this way it is easily conceivable that a planetary human society could develop whose participants are no longer psychologically or physiologically predisposed to any violent actions, because they no longer receive impulses that steer them in this direction. They live in a different hologram. From the many possibilities in the cosmic database, a world of healing love and solidarity has manifested itself. It may sound like a dream, but it is an achievable reality. What can be thought, can be done. These are very briefly the theoretical guidelines of our work. (They are definitely not complete, and you will find deeper information in my books, such as “The Sacred Matrix.”)

The theoretical concept has been developed out of a long period of research, and today forms the basis of our actions. The message is clear. The fight between the forces of life and the forces of destruction can be decided clearly in favor of life if we make the necessary ecological, social and ethical decisions. The losers of yesterday can be the winners of tomorrow. But strictly speaking, there will no longer be any losers if humanity changes orientation from power and profit to the universal laws of life and the higher-level structure that is inherent in all things in the universe, which we call the “sacred matrix.” The “global players” of the new era no longer think about revenge and retaliation, for they work to build structures of peace within themselves. “Grace” is their watchword. It is not only about ending violence and war, but also about changing the underlying conditions that repeatedly give rise to violence. Fear is the one condition which, more than any other, underlies all systems of injustice. Eduar Lanchero is one of the spokespersons of the well-known peace community San José de Apartadó in Colombia. In the past years almost 200 members of the community have been cruelly murdered by the military and paramilitary. During a meeting of the Global Campus he said:

“The armed groups are not the only ones who kill. It is the logic behind the whole system. The way people live generates this kind of death. This is why we decided to live in a way that our life generates life. One basic condition which kept us alive was to not play the game of fear, which was imposed upon us by the murders of the armed forces. We have made our choice. We chose life. Life corrects us and guides us.”

It belongs to the system of the Global Campus to support such peace communities by all means of friendship, cooperation and concrete human and technological aid. “Fear must disappear from Earth,” said Michael Gorbachov. We try to create the right preconditions for this with all scientific, technological, social and spiritual measures we know.

Global Extension

The theoretical matrix leads to a new model for global extension. It does not consist of global missionary work, nor of elaborate public relations maneuvers, but in the functional logic of holistic systems. Publicity happens “automatically” if the work complies with the internal laws of the universal matrix. (This is the reason the Tamera project was able to survive until today against all attacks.) As soon as the first models are functioning, they will develop all over the world, because their new information fields are global fields, stored in the cosmic database and engraved in the genetic matrix of life on Earth. When the core information of trust and solidarity is activated in a population, a switch will happen in all other areas of life as well. A general opening of all channels will take place, which so far have been blocked by fear. The information will spread by itself through the biological internet where it is transferred as a “holo-wave” or “carrier-wave” to all participants. From this concept we can understand why local actions can bring about global effects. A decision we make here and now can result in a chain reaction of new decisions in other places on Earth. The laws of field-building processes in holistic systems are operating here. In only a few decades into the 21st century, our children and grandchildren will only know the atrocities of the imperialist war history from their textbooks. The change will take place quickly. We stand right before the boiling point of a planetary revolution. Peacework today is the active and conscious participation in this global process.

A Final Comment

For some readers this project may at first seem illusory – wireless internet also seemed illusory once. It is only a wall of old thinking habits which separates us from new possibilities. The project is based on research and community experience, which we undertook over a period of 34 years in a growing community that today has 170 participants in Germany and Portugal. We found that guidance overlaid all developments, which always led us on new paths. Today, we are now inclined to say that it actually was not us who invented this project, but we were somehow driven to do it.

It represents a new direction in evolution, which is being prepared everywhere today. The leading forces are forces of global transformation, in which the basic forms of the sacred matrix manifest themselves on Earth. The groups and projects which take a stand for life in the present system change are cooperating with higher powers and are therefore under guidance The movement can no longer be stopped. Behind all turbulences a new planetary community will arise in which violence is no longer an option. At its center is the rediscovered unity of all life and solidarity with all creatures. At the very core there is the rediscovered light of the source, from which we all originate. We have reached the threshold of a global change of unimaginable extent.

You read an excerpt from the book, Setting Foundations for a New Civilization, edited by Martin Winiecki.