Autonomy & Introduction

This 12-day seminar will offer you an introduction to the Healing Biotopes Plan, insight into the project’s foundational ideas and the different areas of our work, including technology, spirituality, global peacework, sexuality and love. We will place special emphasis on the issue of autonomy, exploring inner autonomy, what Tamera has already achieved in the areas of regeneration and sustainability and we will share our questions and unrealized visions. We particularly welcome people who carry a similar dream and want to participate in manifesting it together. Tamera offers many opportunities for material construction and for engaging in electrical projects (taking care of our hybrid insular solar system), general maintenance, maintaining our water supply system, the technical support and maintenance of our Solar Testfield, helping in the mechanical workshop and more. During these 12 days we are also intending to take time to get to know each other and explore possibilities for hands-on cooperation.

“You never change anything by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Program Details

The seminar will be guided by Barbara Kovats and Susanne Dorfmüller. Barbara is passionate about research in technology and energy supply systems; she helped to create the Solar Testfield in Tamera. Susanne coordinates the manifestation work in Tamera and carries the question of what the material set-up of a Healing Biotope will look like.
In the mornings, we will dive into questions such as: What are regenerative life practices? What might settlements that are in full cooperation with nature look like? What are the fundamental aspects of basic autonomy? How does this translate to managing water, food, energy, seeds and designs for shelter? And, in acknowledging that nature does not know the concept of waste, what is the idea of “Cradle to Cradle” and what does it mean to close cycles?
We will do practical work on Tamera’s community food storage and process food, mainly with solar energy and biogas. We will do this in the Testfield and explore the Solar Kitchen. This will be a community experience; time for exchange, for singing and using our hands to receive the gifts of nature.
In the afternoons, we will look into the basic thoughts of the Healing Biotopes Plan and the main areas of Tamera: What is peace work? What are Healing Biotopes? How can people live together in truth and trust? What is needed for us human beings to again become the autonomous beings we are meant to be? You will gain an insight into the experience of living in community.

You’ll explore:

  • The “Healing Biotopes Plan” which explains why, in spite of the global catastrophes that are unfolding, we still see a possibility for global healing.
  • What a “Healing Biotope” is.
  • Our research findings in community, sexuality, love and partnership; in spirituality, art and healing, in cooperation with all beings.
  • We will focus on regeneration and share practices and their impact. How will human beings live on the planet in the future?
  • >Getting to know the qualities that come into our lives when we regain awareness and reapply, recycling and upcycling.
  • How can a life look when we no longer exploit but cooperate?

The program will be composed of:

  • Presentations and Q&A sessions with different leaders of the community
  • Studying together, exploring thoughts and experiences that inspire us
  • Guided tours and visits to special departments, i.e. the Solar Test Field and the Water Retention Landscape, visiting houses that have been built with natural material, upcycling workshop and more.
  • Spaces for deeper conversation and community building among the participants
  • Experiencing community building with forum
  • Time in nature for contemplation and connection
  • Hands on work for some help in sustainability like sun drying tomatoes, harvesting fruit
  • Working with the solar kitchen
  • Inviting dreams
  • Participating in events for the whole community, i.e. our Sunday matinée, the Ring of Power and Political Cafés.

Corona Guidelines

If you have questions or concerns about our guidelines relating to Corona you can sign up for one of our Zoom calls in the registration.


Sliding Scale from
€820 to €1370
(including seminar fee, board & accommodation)

Why are we using a sliding scale?

Please consider applying for or donating to our solidarity fund if you can’t pay the lower end of the sliding scale or want to support others.

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your participation to a course 2 weeks or less before the start of the program, we ask for a cancellation fee of €100.


Dormitories, Camper Van or own tent.
A room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


Vegan full board



Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the course begins and depart the day after the course finishes.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring children to this course.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring pets to this course.