Cooperation With All Beings

    In this 6-day course, we invite you to leave habitual thinking and acting behind and surrender to the experience of the oneness. We'll perceive how our fellow beings are longing to cooperate with us for global healing. By understanding and experiencing the unity of our world, we step out of ingrained fear projections and start to open our eyes to the miracle of life revealing itself in front of us.

    “The entire universe is alive. The same existence and the same consciousness pulses through a molecule, a galaxy, a worm, and a human being. This is why we can make contact with all beings, why we can love them, and why we can heal them. Internally, they all react in the same way, and they are connected with the same dream of existence.”



    Program Details

    The purpose of this course is to fully step out of our daily routine. We want to experience lived spirituality, lived connection and lived cooperation. In this, we won't follow a fixed schedule. What to do next, which place to visit, when to eat, where to sleep and so on will result from information we'll receive through dreams and perception exercises. We'll follow inner guidance and wisdom.

    The course will be composed of:

    • studying the mental and spiritual foundations of a world view of oneness,
    • dreaming forum,
    • “council of all beings,”
    • telepathic communication exercises,
    • prayer research,
    • perception and contact exercises,
    • power walks, and more.

    The Team

    Heike Kessler has been working and living in the project for 27 years,and since 2001 has lived in Tamera. She loves and accompanies pigs, considering them co-workers of our ecological healing work. Heike is a co-carrier of “Terra Deva,” our department for spiritual ecology research, investigating the cooperation with visible and invisible beings. She is the mother of a 21-year-old daughter.

    Almut Schmitz has been part of this project since 1987. She has a lot of experience in cooperating with animals. For two and a half years she worked on a dolphin research boat aiming to establish contact between people and various ocean mammals, using music and spiritual exercises in the water. Since 1995, she's been in Tamera and has worked a lot with horses as well as researching cooperation with rats and other animals commonly demeaned as “vermin.”



    Introduction Week


    Total Cost (including board and accommodation):
    Adult Price: €660
    Youth Price: €475

    Portuguese Scholarship Fund:

    For Portuguese nationals living in Portugal, we offer a sliding scale from €370 to €660 for the total cost (find out more). When you sign up online, please let us know how much you can pay within this range.


    As we will do a pilgrimage, we ask you to bring a sleeping bag, a camping mat and your own tent.


    Vegan full board



    Arrive and depart

    Please arrive the day before the course begins and depart the day after the course finishes.


    Please note that it is not possible to bring children to this course.

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