Healing Biotope Student Program: Cycle 1

    This three-month course is an in-depth study in both theory and practice for people who want to take an active part in global system change. It’s the first learning cycle of an educational pathway in which you can develop the social, spiritual and intellectual qualities needed to catalyze Healing Biotopes and to serve the world as a peaceworker.

    Program Details

    Learning in and through a full-time community experience, you’ll undergo a transformational journey expanding your consciousness and changing your relation to life. This program isn’t primarily about personal growth. We seek to empower committed people to step into collective leadership for a new culture – a kind of leadership no longer rooted in personal egos, but in the objective ethics of life and our shared global need for a new culture.

    Learning from Tamera’s core teachers such as Sabine Lichtenfels, Dieter Duhm, Bernd Mueller, Barbara Kovats, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and accompanied by a team of trained community facilitators, you’ll study the following foundational pillars for a future peace culture:

    • Global Consciousness and Holistic Thinking
    • Spiritual Life Practice
    • Community Building
    • Healing of Love
    • Art
    • Cooperation with Nature
    • Regenerative Autonomy

    For more detailed information, please go to Healing Biotopes Students Program.

    Who Should Apply

    People who want to be professionals in building a new culture and dedicate their lives to help the transition to a more peaceful and thriving world. People who either:

    • want to start Healing Biotopes,
    • want to take an active role in emerging Healing Biotopes,
    • already run communities and want to orient themselves toward the principles of Healing Biotopes,
    • or, serve as effective peaceworkers in other fields.

    Join a group of inspired and committed students from around the world. There are no requirements in terms of academic qualifications or professional achievements – what we require is high motivation, self-responsibility and the readiness for radical experimentation and self-change.


    Upon admission to the education, we ask you to prepare yourself in the following ways:

    • Read “The Sacred Matrix” by Dieter Duhm. Available for purchase: http://verlag-meiga.org/shop/the-sacred-matrix/


    The price for this three-month education is €5700, covering the education fee, basic accommodation and vegan meals.

    We’re aware that for some of you this is a high price while for others, it’s more than affordable. To ensure this education can happen, we want to inspire a communitarian process of solidarity before you arrive in Tamera. You don’t need to think privately about how much you have in your bank account. We encourage you to get together as groups of students and use your collective intelligence to raise the funds needed. Engaging your friends, family and networks to help support your education is a great way to become public about your plans and it makes the process of fundraising already part of your educational journey. Get creative! If you can pay or raise more, this money will go into a solidarity fund to support those who cannot cover the full costs. If you can, for example contribute 125% or 150% of the fee, please do so and know that you help some of your colleagues to study with you at a price they can afford. Let us know in your application what you are able to pay or raise and we’ll do our best to support you in this creative endeavor.

    Call for Applications Closed

    The call for applications is closed for this year. Please check back toward the end of this year for the call for applications for 2019.

    Next Course:

    August 22nd–November 10th, 2018