“Open space”: Tamera with the world

    hosted by A’ida Shibli and community members

    We invite you for a free, monthly open video call of 90min, hosted by A’ida Shibli and other members of the Tamera community.

    Join us in building bridges between our hearts

    In these unusual times we are seeing the deepening of a multilayered global  crisis. Many people are currently limited in their freedom to move and meet each other and in response we want to provide a space of meaningful dialogue, sharing and hearing between people around the world and members of the Tamera community. It is a place for heartful contact, for sharing experiences, thoughts, insights and questions – and where you can ask us questions.

    We wish to create a regular open space for listening and connecting where our love can build bridges of inspiration and trust.

    This month

    “Those who learned to know death, rather than to fear and fight it, become our teachers about life.”
    — Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (On Children and Death, 1985)

    In these times of global unraveling, pain and grief give rise to the question, “What is essential and relevant?” In the upcoming video call we want to focus on the issues of birth and death in the community. Joining us will be the team of caretakers for birth and death and we will open a space of conversation and sharing.

    If you have a question or thoughts that you wish to bring to this call, please send it to us beforehand to onlinecourse (@) tamera.org.

    This video call will not be recorded.






    Our video calls will take place on the 4th Friday of the month until summer.

    All calls will take place at 7pm Portugal time and will last 90min.
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