To apply to join for this month, please contact Sonia Chaida:

    Open Technology Month: Towards the FreeLab

    We, the Technology Team of Tamera, want to spend the month of June together with a small group of friends and colleagues, both old and new, working on a few specific projects. This is an opportunity to get to know us and our work more deeply with a view towards long term cooperation. We are looking for skilled people who are inspired to work for a month within the framework of community on one of the projects mentioned below.

    Join us as we work on the following projects:

    • Solar cooking: maintaining and upgrading our solar cookers, working closely with the kitchen crew.
    • The Water & Sun project, working on water pumping concepts together with Felix Hediger, inspired by Viktor Schauberger’s work, integrating Juergen Kleinwaechter’s SunPulse Water Stirling engine.
    • Practical astronomy: Building a sundial.
    • Using our 1,8kW solar furnace and upgrading it with a high temperature cavity receiver.
    • Taking care of our Solar Test Field together with members of our maintenance team.
    • We also hope that two people will choose to spend the whole month in our community solar kitchen.

    Program Details

    We aim to enter into a workflow in which project work, community-building, intellectual and inner work come together and complement each other. What we will do together:

    • Hands-on project work together in small teams. Getting inspired to work on concepts and details and moving ideas into reality.
    • Documentation
    • Forum spaces/Dream Forum under the experienced leadership of Barbara Kovats
    • Study spaces
    • Participation in events for the whole community: Sunday matinée, the Ring of Power and Political Cafés.

    The Team

    You’ll be accompanied by our Energy Technology team:

    To apply to join for this month, please contact Sonia Chaida:


    Introduction Week


    Basic fee (board & lodging):
    €20 per night


    Vegan full board


    Dormitories, your own tent, or your own van.

    A space in a shared wooden hut or a room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.



    To apply to join for this month, please contact Sonia Chaida:

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