World Animal Day: We invite you for shared compassion, action & information
    in Odemira & Tamera on October 4th, 5th, 6th  (Friday-Sunday) 


    “I can imagine a world – because it has always existed! – in which man and beast live together in an alliance, in peace and harmony, a world transformed day by day by the magic of love, a world free from death. It is not a dream. “

    Henry Miller

    Friday, October 4th

    Join us on this day to draw attention to the situation of the animals.
    The Tamera team, along with volunteers from Odemira, will visit the dogs at the Odemira shelter and provide a good afternoon for them with a long group walk, playtime and social contacts. In doing so, we also want to bring the urgency of an outdoor enclosure into conversation.
    In addition, we want to use the weekend to encourage restaurants to avoid products coming from industrial mass production that cause so much suffering to animals and people working in slaughterhouses, factory farms and other places of animal abuse.
    Please help us and pass on the flyers to your favorite restaurant, inspire them to be part of this statement:

    Weekend Actions
    Restaurant Flyer 1
    Restaurant Flyer 2
    Saturday Afternoon in Tamera

    Saturday, October 5th, 15.00h in Tamera

    During the open afternoon in Tamera visitors will get an insight into the project‘s work with various animals.
    Horses: Cooperation instead of dominance, trust instead of exploitation. communication in mutual understanding.
    Dogs: Reconciliation of man and dog as non-judgemental companion: Can we accept their unconditional love? Appropriate dog housing in packs and enclosures.
    Bees: Swarm intelligence, cooperation and communication with the spirit of the bees. Healthy beekeeping without exploitation or chemical treatments.
    (For more information and for registration)

    Sunday, October 6th, 5pm, location: Cultural Centre in Tamera

    Political Café with Alfredo Cunhal.

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