Youth Camp: “There is no planet B”

    We invite young people between 13 and 17 years old from around the world to join us for 2 weeks of a full-on community experience at our Children’s Place, accompanied by our team of youth facilitators.
    In the current “Fridays for Future” demonstrations we see the global uprise of young people for the future of our planet. Join us as we look into the world and think about what a meaningful response to our global crisis could be, as we research how to build trust among one another, using creative ways to express our ideas, passion and joy for a future we can believe in.


    Program Details

    We’ll spend 2 weeks building community, exploring the questions: who are we as young men and women? What are our personal questions and interests? What does friendship mean to us? And crucially, how can we create real trust among each other?

    We’ll also come together for a time of political reflection – looking at the world as it is today and thinking together about possible answers to the current global crisis. We’ll work on prospects for how people can live together without any violence, in trust and cooperation, and in relation to nature. This year we want to explore the water retention landscape of Tamera and get to know practical, sustainable and regenerative solutions for climate change.

    Together, we’ll envision a different future, addressing the questions: how could the world look in the future if we had the courage and knowledge to make a positive change? And what can we as a young generation do to make it happen? What is our response to climate change?

    We will work creatively on all these questions, using theater, dance, poetry and music. As the climax of our camp, we’ll have a final presentation where we’ll show the outcome of our time together.

    This year we’ll continue the cooperation between the youth camp and the international activist gathering “Defend the Sacred,” we will get to know the work of highly inspiring and remarkable peace workers and young people from around the world.


    The Team




    Total cost (including board and accommodation):
    Standard Price: €325
    Portuguese Price: €250


    The ”Children’s Place” at Tamera


    Please bring your own tent if you don’t want to stay with the group, or simply want to have your own space. Otherwise we have a big tent, and usually the participants want to sleep together under the stars in our little forest nearby.


    Vegan full board



    Arrival and Departure

    Please arrive the day before the camp begins and depart the day after the camp finishes.

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