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Dear Guests and interested people of Tamera Healing Biotope I, Portugal!


All of us witness the world situation becoming more and more extreme.

We all know that hope and perspectives are desperately needed. Tamera wants to answer this call by focusing evermore on education. We want to offer a base for peace-workers and hope-carriers in Tamera and around the world, and this begins by educating ourselves to become co-workers of the global Healing Biotopes Plan and thereby offering support to students coming to us from all parts of the globe.

As a consequence of this we are restructuring our Guest Center.

The new education model will begin in 2018, and we will use 2017 as a transition year.

We dedicate the first months of our guest season to deepening within our existing network. Some of the seminars during this time, like the Global Love School, Blueprint meetings and Grace Foundation Symposium will be on invitation.

From mid-May on, we will be offering informational afternoons and a tour through Tamera every Saturday.

Tarde Abertas, once a month for Portuguese people, are being offered from mid-April on.

The Tamera Summer on 'Sacred Activism' will be an option for parents with children to come. Further options for families with children visiting Tamera are still in planning.


In service of compassion for all life,

The Tamera Community




from 3rd on           Student Group and Season Group

15th – 19th            Blueprint Meeting




3rd – 14th               "Akron School” Internal Education

from 3rd on            Season Group

22nd – 28th            Introduction Week




1st – 7th                   Global Love School I

from 1st on             Student Group and Season Group

8th – 9th                  After-space Global Love School

10th – 13th             Horses: An after-space for the Global Love School 

10th – 14th             Grace Foundation Symposium

13th                            Open afternoon

19th – 26th             "Akron School” Internal Education

19th - 21st             port. Weekend "What is Tamera?"

20th                          Tarde aberta

27th – 3/6              Energy-Autonomous Tamera

27th                            Open afternoon

28th – 3/6               Introduction Week




3rd                             Open afternoon

from 5th on           Season Group

5th – 11th (13th)     Global Love School II

10th                         Open afternoon

17th                         Tarde Aberta

19th - 3/7              Online Course: Healing Biotopes Plan - Join a Vision for Global System Change

24th                          Open afternoon

26th – 2/7            "Akron School” Internal Education


1st                              Open afternoon

from 3rd on             Season Group

3rd – 9th                  Introduction Week

8th                             Open afternoon

10th– 16th              "Sacred Alliance of Life" Seminar

11th– 14th              Horse Course

14th - 16th             port. Weekend "What is Tamera?"  

15th                            Tarde Aberta

16th – 22th             Introduction Week (in German)

22nd                          Open afternoon

24th – 30th            "Akron School” Internal Education

25th– 28th               Horse Course

29th                           Open afternoon

31st – 13/8            "Youth in Community  - Unleash your potential"



31/7 – 13th           "Youth in Community  - Unleash your potential"

from 7th on            Season Group

7th – 16th              Defend the Sacred: Envision a Global Alternative
                                  (with children time parallel)

17th – 20th             Horse Course

19th                            Tarde Aberta

20th – 26th           Portuguese Introduction Week

21st – 27th            "Akron School” Internal Education

21st – 31st            Art Course

21st – 16/9           Community Course

23rd – 2/9             Seed Harvest

26th                          Open afternoon



21/8 – 16th         Community Course

2nd                         Open afternoon

2nd – 9th             Energy-Autonomous Tamera

3rd – 9th             Introduction Week (especially for crafts men)

6th - 24/10         Online course: Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

9th                          Open afternoon

12th– 15th          Horse Course

16th                      Open afternoon

18th – 25th        Sacred Matrix Seminar

23rd                       Tarde Aberta

24th – 30th        Introduction Week

25th – 1/10        "Akron School” Internal Education

26th – 29th         Horse Course

30th                       Open afternoon



2nd – 12th        Art time „Icons of the future“ (on invitation)

5th - 8th            port. short Seminar "The Stonecircle of Tamera and what is the Community?

8th – 14th         Introduction Week

10th – 13th       Horse Course



              - Season end -