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Event Calendar 2017




from 3rd on           Student Group and Season Group

15th – 19th            Blueprint Meeting




3rd – 14th               "Akron School” Internal Education

from 3rd on            Season Group

22nd – 28th            Introduction Week




1st – 7th                   Global Love School I

from 1st on             Student Group and Season Group

8th – 9th                  After-space Global Love School

10th – 13th             Horses: An after-space for the Global Love School 

10th – 14th             Grace Foundation Symposium

13th                            Open afternoon

19th – 26th             "Akron School” Internal Education

19th - 21st             port. Weekend "What is Tamera?"

20th                          Tarde aberta

27th – 3/6              Energy-Autonomous Tamera

27th                            Open afternoon

28th – 3/6               Introduction Week




3rd                             Open afternoon

from 5th on           Season Group

5th – 11th (13th)     Global Love School II

10th                         Open afternoon

17th                         Tarde Aberta

19th - 3/7              Online Course: Healing Biotopes Plan - Join a Vision for Global System Change

24th                          Open afternoon

26th – 2/7            "Akron School” Internal Education


1st                              Open afternoon

from 3rd on             Season Group

3rd – 9th                  Introduction Week

8th                             Open afternoon

10th– 16th              "Sacred Alliance of Life" Seminar

11th– 14th              Horse Course

14th - 16th             port. Weekend "What is Tamera?"  

15th                            Tarde Aberta

16th – 22th             Introduction Week (in German)

22nd                          Open afternoon

24th – 30th            "Akron School” Internal Education

25th– 28th               Horse Course

29th                           Open afternoon

31st – 13/8            "Youth in Community  - Unleash your potential"



31/7 – 13th           "Youth in Community  - Unleash your potential"

from 7th on            Season Group

7th – 16th              Defend the Sacred: Envision a Global Alternative
                                  (with children time parallel)

12th – 13th              Join us August 12-13th to Defend the Sacred!

17th – 20th             Horse Course

19th                            Tarde Aberta

20th – 26th           Portuguese Introduction Week

21st – 27th            "Akron School” Internal Education

21st – 31st            Art Course

21st – 16/9           Community Course

23rd – 2/9             Seed Harvest

23rd – 2/9               Summer in the Garden

26th                          Open afternoon



21/8 – 16th         Community Course

2nd                         Open afternoon

2nd – 9th             Energy-Autonomous Tamera

3rd – 9th             Introduction Week (especially for crafts men)

6th - 24/10         Online course: Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

9th                          Open afternoon

12th– 15th          Horse Course

16th                      Open afternoon

18th – 25th        Sacred Matrix Seminar

23rd                       Tarde Aberta

24th – 30th        Introduction Week

25th – 1/10        "Akron School” Internal Education

29th + 30th       "Autumn Celebration"

30th                       Open afternoon



8th – 14th         Introduction Week

10th – 13th       Horse Course



              - Season end -

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