political ashram

Political Ashram



"By consciously deciding to live in a sacred manner we call upon the teachings, the information and the comprehension that we need to help us realise our gifts for the well-being of all." (Dhyani Ywahoo)


This is a guiding principle for the Political Ashram in Tamera. The Political Ashram is the mental-spiritual center of Tamera. Monthly seminars on various topics are held here for the Tamera co-workers and students. These are times for study and the connection with the basic ideas of the project.

The teaching includes the following basic areas of study: the Gospel School, the Love School, the Thinking School, SD* Education and the Art School. 

All these areas of study belong together and form a common basic education with the aim to reconnect us to the power and functionality of the "Sacred Matrix."

The connection with the source of life, its wisdom, strength and leadership, is essential for the creation of a world that no longer relies on fear and violence, but on trust and cooperation.

We live in a mental-spiritual world. After thousands of years of oppression, we human beings need to learn to think independently again. After Auschwitz and Hiroshima, we can no longer blindly follow. We want to use thought to approach the area of our life that we have so far associated with religion and, in doing so, regain this power. For this, there is daily training in the Ashram.

Held By
Dr. Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels: Visionaries and Main Teachers

Mara Vollmer and Robert Gasse: Spiritual and Practical Support of the Political Ashram

Christo Mayerhöfer: Karma-Yogi and Chef

Various "monastery students" alternate, taking advantage of the stay in the Political Ashram for their own development, and carry out certain tasks in this period in exchange.

* SD is short for the German word "Self-expression" – a form of artistic representation of emotions, thoughts and steps of development.

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