Art Course 2017

At the Source


The world is in transformation. Established social systems are barely holding together and every day we are subjected to an increasingly chaotic digital world. Climate change, energy and water crises, the loss of basic humaneness.

At the same time, new forces sprout up everywhere – movements start, people come together. For some time now, new systems for living together have been being prepared and are now just waiting to be recognized and manifested. The knowledge for a humane world exists. This is the threshold at which we, humanity, stand.

Which path do we want to take?

Do we want to go back or do we dare to step into something new?

It is the unknown which lies veiled in front of us. If we no longer want the old system, we need alternatives and answers that are more encompassing, more beautiful, and deeper than what we have known so far. We all carry the vision and together we can manifest it.

What inspires me?

What fills my heart?

What is sacred to me?

Where is my home: with myself, at the source?

This art course shall serve to build this light-space. A space where one can feel human amongst humans, embedded in the cosmos. One could call this space a ‘convergence point’: a point in which all comes together, where we are in contact with the processes of our soul and of creation, where we can become a channel for the great force of life. It is here where our creative treasure blossoms.

We want to provide access to certain basic experiences:

Experiencing community through a common enthusiasm for creative work, experiencing opening through transparency, discovering authenticity and the possibility of compassion through how we perceive the world.

During the elven days of the course, which will be lead by a team of artists from Tamera, we will live together on Tamera’s art mountain. At this cosmic place we will work with the medium of drawing and painting. We also will eat and sleep there (Please bring your own tent).

We want to invite people who have already visited Tamera (e.g. for an introduction week).

We are looking forward to this time together!

The Team:

Madjana Geusen, Bijou Lindstedt, Beate Möller, Lee Voosen, Lukas Mauermann and Simon du Vinage


Language: German and English

Location: "Art hill" Tamera

Number of participants: Up to 25 participants, at least 15

Seminar Fee: 400 €

Youth price: 270 €

For Portuguese participants: In 2017, Tamera has opened a study fund which covers up to 50% of all costs for participants from Portugal. Just mention the word "study fund" in your application. Read here more about the idea of this fund and how you can use and support it: (Study Fund Portugal 2017)

Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/night

Youth price: 20 €/night

Accommodation: own tents

Food: vegan full board

Please bring: sketchpad

Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at) or +351 - 283 635 306

General Information for your stay

Order the book "Terra Nova" here