Global Love School - “There will be no peace on earth as long as there is war in love. “

May 1 - 07 & June 5 - 11, 2017 (for Network Partners on personal invitation) plus 2 days afterwork


With the meeting of the Global Love School a global ring of power will arise for the creation of Love Schools around the world. We would like to create a platform upon which we as counselors, teachers and guides can work systematically towards healing possibilities and alternatives for the world.


How can we contribute to a system of love without deception? How can we contribute to building a field for truth in love, and for a new orientation in Eros? What are our geistig principles? How can we support one another, in these times of turmoil and awakening? What new ethics would sustainably arise from a new network of love? How can we connect our political activism with our spiritual source?

Love and sexuality are the central political issues of the newly dawning era. We cannot escape this fact, despite the strenuous denial of contemporary society.

We need an answer that leads to true non-violence in the human heart

Let us develop geistig frameworks, for which we can happily be representatives in every region of the world, because we know that they are true.

Directed by: Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Sabine Lichtenfels is co-founder of Peace Research Center Tamera, Author, freelance Theologian, Peace Activist and One of the “1000 Women nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize in 2005".

Benjamin von Mendelssohn: Global Citizen, International Relations, Director of the GRACE Foundation

Some of Sabine Lichtenfels' books:
- GRACE- Pilgrimage for a Future without War
- Temple of Love
- Sources of Love and Peace

Participation: on personal invitation

Language: English

Seminar fee: 500 €

Price for accommodation & food: 30 €/night

Accommodation: dormitories or large shared tents
An apartment in the Guest House or a place in the visitor's hut can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board

Arrival and departure: the day before/after the course

Registration: loveschool(at) or +351 283 635 306


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