Grace Foundation Symposium 2017

11-14 May

The Grace Foundation gives the opportunity to people with money and other resources to support a global system change by investing in a new planetary culture. The Grace Foundation started a series of annual events in Tamera, centered around the healing of money and fundamentally new concepts of economy.

An excerpt from this years´ invitation:

„What is relevant right now?

Asking this question, we feel the wish to deepen our conversation with you as core allies of our vision and work. Before going further outward – we are planning a US tour in fall – we would like to tend to the core of what has formed with you in the past years. Therefore we would like to invite you to a small 4-day gathering in May in Portugal, convened by the Grace Foundation - a coming together of planetary friends, really. Even stronger then in past events we want to see and speak about the stategic lines of the Healing Biotopes Vision and its manifestion. It will not be a space of neat presentations of projects or the Grace Foundation itself, but rather a space of shared questions and co-creation of strategy for the global compassion we share.“

This event is on invitation only. But if this description made you curious for cooperation with the Grace Foundation, you're warmly welcome to get in touch. Please write to johannes.ewig(at)

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