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Introduction Week "Tamera - a Model for the Future" 2016

April 18th - 24th, May 22nd - 28th, July 17th - 23rd, August 28th - September 3rd, October 9th - 15th


To be able to overcome the global, ecological and societal crisis, we need convincing models worldwide showing how to step into a culture of peace encompassing a new orientation in all areas of human life:

a new ecology and technology are needed as well as an orientation for love and sexuality, for communication and community, for free growing up of children, for research and consciousness, for compassion and cooperation with all beings.


The introduction week is meant to give an insight into the essential project areas and the questions of our basic research:

- What do we mean by “System change for a future without war?”
- Why is it important to create concrete models for the future?
- What is the global impact of a self-sufficient model?
- What is the Global Campus?
- What is the ecological concept of Water Retention landscapes?
- What is a Healing Biotope? What is the meaning of healing for the individual and the world?
- Why are the human themes of trust, cooperation, solidarity, home, love, sexuality and partnership at the center of the peace work taught and studied in Tamera?

The following Tamera projects will be presented:

Permaculture and Ecology, Solar Village Test Field, Grace and the Terra Nova School, Global Campus, Aldeia da Luz

The program includes speeches/lectures, films, participating in work on the grounds at Tamera, excursions, and experiencing the joy of community life.

Warm welcome!
The Guest-Team


Directed by: a team of Tamera coworkers

Language: English

Seminar Fee: 350 €

Price for Portuguese participants: 235 €

Youth price: 235 €

Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/day

Price for Portuguese participants: 20 €/day

Youth price: 20 €/day 

Accommodation: dormitories - An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board


Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)tamera.org

General Information for your stay

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