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Introduction Week "Tamera - a Model for the Future" 2017

July,16th - 22nd - this Introduction Week is in German


The destructive power of our current culture can only be overcome if a credible alternative is formed. Probably the greatest challenge of our time lies in the question: What does the image of a culture look like that is based on cooperation instead of exploitation, on trust instead of fear?

To get an idea of how such a new, nonviolent culture could look, we first need places on earth where these cultural approaches are being realized. The more this approach becomes visible and can be experienced, the more we as humanity will gain a direction of development for the future.

The global Healing Biotopes plan follows this idea. Its goal is to build a global network of research centers for the future. The Healing Biotope 1 Tamera is part of this global undertaking.

This introduction week serves as a way to get to know this idea of the formation of culture on the basis of models for the future and to immerse ourselves in the foundations of this work. Using the example of Tamera, the following questions are covered:

- Which scientific principles make it possible that a relatively small movement can initiate a global system change?

- How does the establishment of long-term communities of trust function?

- Why are topics such as trust, cooperation, solidarity, home, love, sexuality and partnership in the center of research in Healing Biotopes?

- How do adults protect the cosmic space of children and offer forms of education which serve their highest potential?

- How do ecological and technological concepts develop when they follow the paradigm of cooperation?

- How can we design spaces of trust that foster true cooperation with animals and nature?

- How will the economy and the value of money be redefined in a new culture? Can money itself be a tool for the formation of culture?


A team of community members from Tamera will guide you through these days. Welcome to a one-week study space to learn about Tamera, its ideas and its basic notions.


Directed by: a team of Tamera coworkers

Language: German

Seminar Fee: 350 €

Youth price: 235 €


For Portuguese participants: In 2017, Tamera has opened a study fund which covers up to 50% of all costs for participants from Portugal. Just mention the word "study fund" in your application. Read here more about the idea of this fund and how you can use and support it: (Study Fund Portugal 2017)

Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/night

Youth price: 20 €/night

Accommodation: dormitories - An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board


Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)tamera.org

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