The Sacred Matrix

Seminar from 18-25 of September, 2017

"The seeds are sprouting as they always did, the trees are growing, and the flowers blossom. The sun shines as it did a thousand years ago. How can it be that after five thousand years of patriarchy the birds still sing, the children still play, and lovers still feel as if they were in seventh heaven? Something in life seems to have remained intact through all the agony and blind alleys of history. It is something healthy and sacred, perhaps something eternal, that comes from the Universe and not from human beings, and yet it has been entrusted to us in the deepest roots of our soul and body. Probably every single human being on earth knows it subconsciously. We live in the presence of a global massacre of humans, animals, and nature, but we clearly also live in the presence of an entirely different intact and sacred world. Healing consists of reconnecting with this other world, which is our most original and our very own world, and bringing it fully into life on earth."

This is a quote from the book "The sacred Matrix" by Tamera´s co-founder Dr. Dieter Duhm. We chose it as our guiding thought for the coming seminar.

For one week we take a break from our habits in living and thinking. We direct our awareness on something yet unknown, something wonderful, something that is always there and accompanies us step by step, something that wants to light a light inside of us. In reconnecting with this other reality, with the "sacred matrix", we find the power which we need today to overcome the capitalistic system of fear and violence. By doing so we pave the way for many others. It is a way of liberation.

This seminar contains a walk along the wild Portuguese coast. We will walk through a landscape of silica, sun and ocean. We will spend one or more nights under the open sky, knowing that by looking into the stars we come closer to the sacred matrix. Please bring good walking shoes, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad and a small backback. 

We invite you to experience sacred and healing thoughts.


Leila Dregger and Monika Alleweldt



Language: English 

Seminar Fee: 400 €

Youth price: 300 €

For Portuguese participants living in Portugal: In 2017, Tamera has opened a study fund which covers up to 50% of all costs for participants from Portugal. Just mention the word "study fund" in your application. Read here more about the idea of this fund and how you can use and support it: (Study Fund Portugal 2017)

Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/night

Youth price: 20 €/night

Accommodation: dormitories - An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board

Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)

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