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Community in the „Healing Biotopes“ plan

August 21st - September 16th


"If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crisis which we have caused, we would have to engage in radically new and dramatic community enterprises." Lynn Margulis

 We need a new direction of thinking that can give an answer to the external an internal devastation. The private issue must become a political one. The most intimate questions of sex, love and partnership, of faithfulness, trust and community, of jealousy, competition, and fear of separation are political questions with global implications. The switch to our private decisions, which we hold on our hand, is now no longer a private switch but is connected with all of humanity. The way we deal with our anti-authority, social and sexual problems is of political importance. Political engagement for peace is unquestionably linked with new ethical decisions in our human relations. There can be no peace in the world so long as we conduct secret wars among each another for power and sex. Vibrant communities are necessary for effective peacework, communities that rediscover and manifest fundamental human values such as truth, trust, solidarity and mutual support. " Dieter Duhm, "Terra Nova - Global revolution and healing of love"

The key task of our time is the rediscovery of community: the ability to live a communitarian life and the readiness for cooperation with all co-creatures.

The dream of community lives in all of us.

More and more people are searching for ways of living together in order to overcome the separation produced by our current society.

For a sustainable and functioning community we need basic knowledge of how to deal with conflicts, of how to build a base of trust amongst each other, even when dealing with the hottest and most confronting issues.

“We all carry the original pain of a great wound inside of us. (...) Healing work, as we mean it here, means healing these wounds in oneself and others. The signposts for this are truth, mutual support, responsibility for the community and service to life. Here, we come to a deeper definition of “sustainability”. The necessary changes require human change and it can only happen in a lasting way if we go to the roots and develop new basic patterns for culture and society. Establishing trust among people and making transparency possible between people is not only an individual but mainly a societal, cultural and political issue.

We must develop communities in which lies, deceit and betrayal no longer provide an evolutionary advantage. We need new societal structures that make a durable cohabitation in truth, love and trust possible. It is a difficult historical heritage that is besieging our individual existences in the most intimate of spaces. This issue must be solved in such a way that the healing forces of entelechy can be fully liberated and can take full effect. “ (excerpt from a text by Dieter Duhm, Project declaration 1)


We invite you for a four-week course to the topic of community in the "Healing Biotopes" plan.

What is the "Healing Biotopes" plan?

What is community and what global effect can community models have?

What are the basic concepts for building stable communities?

What does it mean to build trust and cooperation amongst human beings?

What is transparency and what is its significance?



Participants should know Tamera already.

Please write an application for the course (1/2 page).

Language: English 

Seminar Fee: 750 €

Youth price: 500 €


For Portuguese participants: In 2017, Tamera has opened a study fund which covers up to 50% of all costs for participants from Portugal. Just mention the word "study fund" in your application. Read here more about the idea of this fund and how you can use and support it: (Study Fund Portugal 2017Portuguese Study Fund 2017)

Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/night

Youth price: 20 €/night

Accommodation: dormitories - An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board

Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)tamera.org

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