Dear students of the Terra Nova School, dear friends and allies for a new Earth!

December 2015

We send you greetings from the beginning of wintertime in Tamera. We – as carriers of the Healing Biotope I – are now taking time for reflection, vision work and recalibrating our priorities. After the successful journeys this fall (above all in the US and Germany/Austria/Switzerland) we feel encouraged and want to restructure and transform Tamera in a way that it can accept its global healing assignment more fully. more

Event Calendar 2016

to be published by the end of January

Given the worsening situation in the world, more and more people want to come to Tamera in search of orientation, knowledge and perspectives. This presents us with the challenge to restructure our education program anew. We are using this wintertime to pave the way for this. Around the end of January we will publish more information and a basic framework of the education program. What we can say now you can read here: more

Global Grace Day 2015

10 Years Global Grace Day

We would like to invite you to get active for Global Grace Day, the 9th of November.
We celebrated Global Grace Day for the first time on the 9th of November, 2005. At that time, Sabine Lichtenfels was leading a Grace pilgrimage through Israel and Palestine. It was a great experience of hope, and it changed many lives. On November 9th, a group of fifty people meditated in front of the separation wall, and connected deeply with the picture that one day all walls of separation will fall. 

Tamera - a Model for the Future

New revised edition available

"Is it possible to reactivate local economic cycles across the Earth and to create communities that are autonomous in water, energy and food? Can a peaceful coexistence be established between all beings that replaces fear, limitation and envy with cooperation, solidarity and love? Can realistic alternatives be developed that address the multiple crises afflicting people, animals and ecosystems worldwide?
Almost 40 years ago, the psychoanalyst Dr Dieter Duhm, the theologian Sabine Lichtenfels and the physicist Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis embarked on a journey in search of answers to these questions, and in 1995 they established a holistic research and education centre: the Tamera Healing Biotope 1 in Southern Portugal." Leila Dregger´s book about Tamera gives an insight into the status of the work of the peace research center Tamera in Portugal on three key areas: permaculture and water landscape,  solar technology and peace education. It has been revised, updated and many news photos were added. Order it here: more

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Read our 2015 Global Campus report!

Exactly 2 months after the end of our Global Campus summer, we are excited to publish the condensed harvest of this time together! It is the fruit of our reflection as a coordination team but also the fruit of each base-stations who shared their own evaluation of this project. We publish our pedagogy, curriculum, the financial summary, many pictures, a summary for each base-station, a gratitude to all supporters of this project and the next exciting steps of our network! We send our sincere gratitude to all of you who made our meeting possible by responding on our crowdfunding campaign so generously. Looking forward for next meeting point! more

Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

The English language version of Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love - the most recent book by Tamera's co-founder, Dr. Dieter Duhm - is now available! The book was launched on the 18th of September at the New School University in New York City. The times in which we live provide us with a historic opportunity to open a new page in the book of human evolution - a world without war. We invite you to be a part of the movement. More information about Terra Nova and our event tour in the United States can be found on our new homepage.   more

Golden Autumn extended!

The golden autumn is extended and will now take place from October 26th till November 15th! You will take part in the ecological restoration, in practical work of the ecology and in the olive harvest. The afternoons are spent getting to know the basic ideas of the project of Healing Biotopes and peace knowledge about community in all its aspects. We will celebrate the Global Grace Day, a peace-event, on November 9th. more

Terra Nova & The Healing of Love — Sneak Preview!

This upcoming documentary captures one of the most radical social experiments of our time: the Tamera Peace Research Center with focus on Tamera's project called "Global Love School". In annual meetings the Global Love School aims to bring together change makers, community builders and project leaders to build foundations and a lasting network for a non-violent culture.


Watch the sneak preview "Terra Nova & The Healing of Love”, to be released in 2016!

Directed and produced by Ian Mackenzie & John Wolfstone

More about the film:

Read the book Terra Nova:



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Small Donation - Big Impact!

Trees for Tamera

Question: When is the right time to plant a tree? Answer: 20 years ago.  Question: When is the second best time (to plant a tree)? Answer: Now!

In November 2015, we will have a community time in Tamera, and plant lots of trees together. This planting action is focussed in the Testfield I where we are combining semi-urban agriculture and water management within a settlement.  We invite you to support us with a donation between 10 € and 50 € for a tree!


Water is Life. Water Retention Landscape Training

September 28th - October 10th 2015

“Water, energy, and food are freely available to all people, when we follow the logic of nature and not the laws of capital.” (Dieter Duhm). In seminars of the past, we learned how to follow the logic of nature in relation to water in the two-week course with Christoph Ulbig and Bernd Müller. Participants from many countries studied the knowledge of natural water management both in theory and practice through different techniques used in Tamera, from natural waterways in the region and case studies from around the world, which the participants themselves presented. In September/October, another seminar on this topic will be held. A few places are still available.  more

The Global Campus 2015 will take place thanks to all of you!

Thank you for this shower of support and trust

Dear Global Community, We made it! Thank you for holding this campaign and vision in your hearts, thank you for your support through donations, prayers, contacts and blessings. 327 contributors in 3 weeks made this project a reality. It was a beautiful journey with you and now we're moving in the next phase - manifesting the Global Campus Gathering at Tamera. Next date: July 6th for the start of the GEN+20 conference in Scotland. Greetings from Portugal around the world, Your Global Campus Team


Global Campus Gathering 2015

Crowdfunding Campaign

For this summer the Global Campus Project has planned an education and strategy gathering of 24 core leaders from its network, for one month, at Tamera. The last Global Campus gathering happened in 2011, and now it is time to again unite the core leaders. This month shall serve to establish an international Global Campus Council, a leadership circle which will work out a refined curriculum for the coming years and also explore a possible expansion of the project as a whole.  To fund this education and strategy time, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign with a funding goal of 58'000€ until June 18th! So we invite you to watch the beautiful campaign-video below, read about the plans for this year, and most importantly to contribute yourself if you're inspired!  more

Guest Season 2015: A Political Year

and Changes in the Guest Concept

This year we will put our focus on political events with training units in cooperation with international partners. It will start in April with a practical seminar with Martin Funk and Thomas Culhane on Building Biogas Systems especially for ecovillages in Southern Europe. TH Culhane funded a moulde for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) which will - starting in Tamera - travel through Europe in a series of seminars and support many communities to increase their energy autonomy.  more

20 Years Tamera

This year - in 2015 - Tamera celebrates its 20th anniversary. More than 2 decades ago, Sabine Lichtenfels was on a trip through Portugal to look for a site to build a community and research project.  more

One Billion Rising - February 2014 in the Stone Circle of Tamera

2014: What happened in Tamera?

Thank you for a great but challenging year. This is a selection of events - there are many more.


Happy Birthday, Sabine Lichtenfels!
Order the book "Terra Nova" here